Top 6 Wrong Places to Play Pokémon Go

Top 6 Wrong Places to Play Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go is a new Smartphone game based on Nintendo makeup such as Pikachu and Squirtle. It is a Smartphone app that inhabits the whole world and has rapidly became the top grossing app in just few days after its launch. The feature that lets you capture an image of any Pokémon you may be targeting, irrespective of how unsuitable the location is one of the coolest aspects of the game.

Nevertheless, the popularity of Pokémon Go has led to a number of bumps and bruises. Here are some of the completely unsuitable places you must not play this game.

In the Toilet

There is no way you can play Pokémon Go in the toilet to succeed. This is why playing the game during toilet time should not be encouraged. You need to settle down very well to play this game and the toilet is definitely not an appropriate place.

Police stations

Playing Pokémon Go game at police stations, Fire and emergency Service areas should be avoided as much as possible. It is noteworthy that you don ‘t really have to enter any of these places just because you want to have assess to Pokéstop, even as the police station may feature as a Pokéstop.


No matter what happens, don’t play this new game in the church. Apart from the fact that you will not concentrate on what you have gone there to do, chances are you will cause problems and find yourself on the getting end of cruel exorcism.

While your Spouse is in Labor

Do not play Pokémon Go while your partner is giving birth. After nine months of pregnancy, you may want to play this game to cool down the tension of being seen as insensitive while she is in labor. Your skills of throwing pokeball will without doubt be hurt, if your hand gets trampled to dust in the course of the magnificent act of child delivery.

At a funeral

It is advisable and good to avoid playing this game at funeral and graveyards, despite the fact that a number of graveyards have actually been tagged as real Pokéstops in spite of the developers’ best intents. Those who attend funerals are not likely to be sympathetic, apart from possibly the young ones who didn’t actually like the game.

While on Wheel driving

You need full concentration while driving. As a result, don’t play Pokémon Go while driving around the town to avoid accident. This is worth mentioning because there had been cases where Pokémon Go players enhanced their collection by driving all over the city, ticking off as many Pokéstops as possible without leaving their cars.

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