The things you should know about Pokemon Go game

The things you should know about Pokemon Go game


If you like searching for new features on mobile gadgets, then you probably heard about the latest worldwide trend – Pokemon Go adventure. Shortly after appearing in the mobile world, the game captured the users‘ attention and now we have some records broken. The people find it rather interesting to have the game which will not limit them in terms of sitting for hours at the home. On a contrary, the Pokemon is not about it at all. The game includes geolocation server which makes you wandering different places in your environment and searching little Pokemon. However, we must ask the question whether something as this really matters.

The main concept in the Pokemon Go game has to do with locations and GPS system on users‘ phones. In order to play Pokemon, you will need a smartphone which is always online and which tracks your every step. You might think that everything is normal, but don‘t be so foolish. The game obviously wants to control the position of the players in every single situation. With the Pokemon installed on your phone, you can endanger personal data situated in it and be the target of illegal acts. It is not anything weird that some cases of the robberies related to the Pokemon Go game already happened.

Moreover, by installing the game you give the provider absolute access to your Google account. It helps them to find all information you have in your Google files as well as your google mail. So, if you want to play Pokemon Go game on your mobile phone, make sure you have the special email for this purpose. On the other side, if you have concerns about privacy don‘t allow Pokemon to find your personal details as it could be dangerous for your personal safety.

Regarding the privacy, both Android and iOS has undertaken some steps in order to limit Google‘s access to users‘ data. They announced that the limitation will be available after the app become updated in the next versions. In addition, the Pokemon Go game will not only bring you to the interesting spots to capture little creatures. It will lead you to some secluded places as sheds or abortion memorials. It could leave you wordless or make you deleting the app. However, the Pokemon has also a good side, as it makes you more interested in adventures and walking.

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