The Pokemon Go effects in the Real World

The Pokemon Go effects in the Real World


Pokemon Go game represents a perfect combination of fictional and real features. The game appeared on the mobile ground one week ago and became the craziest fun ever. There is no sense if you don‘t play it, Pokemon Go will catch you at any angle or place you step. People play it stubbornly in all cases and situations, finding it incredibly amusing. The game is on the top of all downloaded options in Apple and Android stores, and the trend doesn‘t drop at all.

Pokemon Go game can be compared with Google maps, which lead you to some places you search for. Of course, Google maps have the purpose to help you in searching some locations but the Pokemon Go wants to entertain you. The trend of walking and searching for fictional creatures turns to be a little scary or senseless, but most of the users wouldn‘t say this. On the contrary, the game helps them to be more active, literally to kill free time in a more useful way.

The Pokemon Go game is completely free and everyone will be able to access it.  The provider will not have to worry about the money, as the game brought great sums of cash in a short period, increasing the value of its shares instantly. As for the users playing the game, we must notice that some serious cases already took place so the concentration must be on the high level. In a lot of the countries, we could see notices on the roads informing people not to drive and play Pokemon Go game at the same time. Many people have been injured during the Pokemon Go game and experienced bad things.

However, the most interesting part of the game has to do with Pokestops where players could drink something or even train their fictional creatures. One man in Massachusetts has the issue with the people playing Pokemon, who came to his property to search for Pokemon‘s gym. He reported the case and suggested that locations have to be better defined. Eventually, the man is also a fan of the game but find some features frustrating. The man pointed out that the provider must do something in terms of relocating the Pokemon’s gym, or limiting people with time they can get to his house.

For most of us, it seems funny, but we cannot stay so positive about this. Every kind of fun must have limits and so as the Pokemon Go game.

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