Pokemon Go arrived in Spain


Pokemon Go arrived in Spain


Many players are impatient and they want to try immediately the Pokemon GO version. If you belong to this group, then you must take following steps to install the game. The first options include downloading the app file and the

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The Pokemon Go effects in the Real World


Pokemon Go game represents a perfect combination of fictional and real features. The game appeared on the mobile ground one week ago and became the craziest fun ever. There is no sense if you don‘t play it, Pokemon Go will

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How to choose Pokemon Go Team


In the beginning, you will need to stay patient as a lot of features will not be available until you reach the fifth level. By accomplishing it, you will be asked to join the particular team and many other features

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Pokemon Go is now available in UK


The game which became popular in a short time and earned sympathy on the global level could now be reached in the UK. For anyone interested in this crazy Pokemon Go game, it can be immediately downloaded from the Google

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